Snack Boxes & Cakes

    • Snack Attack Basket

      Each basket includes a customized assortment of your favorite cracker, salty snack, and candy choices. Customize your assortment by selecting your favorite cookie, cracker, salty snack, and candy choices. Great for scheduling in advance. Call for seasonal baskets as well.

    • Snack Attack Basket

      Snack Attack Basket

      Pick up to 2 cookie choices:
      Brownies Assorted Cookies, Brownies

      Pick up to 2 cracker choices:
      Cheez-It • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish • Cookie & Cracker 6 pack

      Pick up to 2 salty snack choices:
      Ruffles Potato Chips • Doritos • Peanuts • Cheetos • Pretzels

      Pick up to 2 Candy choices:
      Snickers • Twix Candy Bars • Nestle Crunch • KitKat • Milky Way • Butterfinger • 3 Musketeers • Baby Ruth • 100,000 Grand • Hershey Milk Chocolate • Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

      We can accommodate most other requests if products are available. Slightly different choices will be available.
      Serves 10 ...................... $49.95
      Serves 15 ...................... $63.95
      Serves 20 ...................... $79.95

    • Gooey Butter Cake

      (Serves 9-12)

    • Gooey Louie Original Cake

      Gooey Louie Original Cake


      “An Original St. Louis Favorite Gooey Butter Cake”

    • Gooey Louie Chocolate Chippewa Cake

      Gooey Louie Chocolate Chippewa Cake


      A Real Crowd Pleaser! Original Gooey Butter Cake is baked with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. The perfect Vanilla-To-Chocolate Combination

    • Gooey Louie Turtle Park Cake

      Gooey Louie Turtle Park Cake


      Named After the St. Louis Landmark, This Cake Makes a Big Mark on its Own! Truly Rich & Decadent! A Chocolate Cake Base is Topped with Bubbly Caramel Goo with Kettle Glazed Pecans Mixed in and Chocolate Drizzle on Top!

    • ”Baby” or “Little” Gooey Louie .

      ”Baby” or “Little” Gooey Louie .


      Now Everyone Gets their Own Piece of Gooey Butter Cake without the Mess! Each 3 x 3 cake is baked in its own tin & sealed with a Utensil. The Perfect Alternative to a Cookie or Brownie!

      (Serves 1)

      24 Hour Notice Required

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